The Screenplay
The Motion Picture
A Rocky Top Pictures Production
August 2018

The first d
raft of the original screenplay, Moses The Black, is complete and is undergoing revision by the screenwriter, Nathan Lee Lewis, Executive Producer of Rocky Top Pictures. The content and story is drawn from research materials and international sources, and consultation with both secular and Orthodox historians and theologians. Great care is being taken to stay true to the historical facts while realizing the void of information that exists and some conflicting accounts. Any license taken in the telling of the story will be taken to facilitate the spiritual and historical facts of the life of Moses The Black. It is important to understand that a dramatic feature film differs from that of a documentary in that license and literary devises must be used to weave the historic accounts into a dramatic story. However, advocates of truth, and those devoted to the life of Saint Moses, will be happy to know that the screenwriter and consultants, who are Orthodox Christians, will adamantly resist any literary devise, marketing ploy, or other film industry mechanism that would adulterate the story. We believe the historically true story elements are strong in themselves and need no unnecessary additions. "Saint Moses pray for us."

A Note From The Writer/Producer

Dear Friends,

We are aware of the great affinity in the Eastern Orthodox and Coptic Christian Worlds for Saint Moses The Black and his inspiring 
example to all of Christiandom. There are many icons, oral and written traditions, and organizations and foundations dedicated to this Holy Saint. Saint Moses The Black, The Ethiopian, The Strong's, relics and shrine are kept, to this day, with great care at the Paromeos Monastery, a Coptic Orthodox monastery in Egypt. Many stories of the blessings received from this Saint, even in death, abound today. In a sense, the story of Saint Moses belongs to us all.

It's been more than 1600 years since the Saint lived his life and received his Holy martyrdom and heavenly reward. It's been over 1
50 years since the first prototype of moving pictures was invented. Although the existence of Moses The Black has been mentioned in various video formats and documentaries, to our knowledge, in 150 years, no major feature film or dramatic account has ever been made. We are, with all reverence, respect, and veneration, approaching the telling of the life of Saint Moses through the medium of film, with all authenticity, and accuracy.

Since the announcement of this project, we've been contacted by several individuals who share a similar vision to produce Saint Moses' life story into a feature film project. We've found that these projects, for the most part, are
only in conceptual phases. One of the purposes for publicly announcing the launching of this project is to gather a group of these visionaries together in order to accomplish a unified effort toward achieving our common goal. We welcome filmmakers, investors, screenwriters, producers, and others, to contact us to discuss your participation in Moses The Black- The Motion Picture.

Christ is in our midst,

Nathan Lee Lewis
Screenwriter/Executive Producer
Moses The Black/Rocky Top Pictures LLC

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